Prominence Publishing’s Newest Release “Rock Your Business” Reaches Amazon’s Best Seller List and Named a Hot New Release

In addition to reaching the best seller list, Rock Your Business was also named a Hot New Release in following categories: Business Project Management, Service Industry, Business Planning & Forecasting, Business Management, Management Skills and Knowledge Capital.

Rock Your Business is a collaborative book co-written by 10 inspiring entrepreneurs. The authors who contributed to this book are: Kristin Thompson, Suzanne Doyle-Ingram, Susan J. Ryan, Meiko S. Patton, Mairin Moore-Cane, Kyria McGill, Jennifer Covington, Lori Shin, Sherri-Lee Woycik, and Jessica N. Clark.

The inspiration for this book stemmed from the desire to bring together entrepreneurs who excel in different ways in order to give small business owners tips and strategies they can use in their business.

These 10 authors collaborated with the intention of showing the reader how to get more visibility, attract more business, and stay happy & healthy along the way. They believe that when a small business owner can thrive, they rise up, and take other people with them. Their success impacts their family, friends, clients, and the people who work for them.

The strategies inside this book cover an array of ideas to help the reader get known, develop their client attraction strategies, and feel confident and happy while growing their business. Business doesn’t have to be about constantly pushing, endless nights spent away from family and loved ones, and eventually burning out. It is possible to rock your business by using the strategies described in the book.

Rock Your Business is available on Amazon: