Queens In Business Launches ‘Stronger Than Ever’: Empowering Stories From 16 Courageous Female Entrepreneurs

Revealing the inspiring stories and lessons from 16 female entrepreneurs, the stories are both insightful and powerful, and serve to remind people how they choose to deal with challenges that can truly change their lives.  
Queens In Business is a global community that helps female entrepreneurs rise in different walks of life. It empowers them and helps them build a powerful presence so they can take their business to the next level.  
Helping women through educational resources, exposure opportunities and guidance to stand out in the industry, the community was founded by 5 women: Chloë Bisson the Automation Queen, Carrie Griffiths the Speaking Queen, Shim Ravalia the Health Queen, Sunna Coleman the Writing Queen, and Tanya Grant the Branding Queen. As entrepreneurs in their own right, each has been awarded numerous accolades, have been featured in global media and have number-one international best-selling books.
Their goal is to help women who want to place themselves as experts in their niche and create a personal brand that is unwavering. They use proven strategies to help women thrive in entrepreneurship, influence and status.  
The entrepreneurs in their latest book have used their experience as motivation and inspiration to build successful businesses that touch the lives of women globally and serve their communities with the determination and courageous spirit they possess. They decided that the challenges of the past would not dictate their future and they have now emerged as women who are stronger than ever. Get your copy of Stronger Than Ever by visiting www.qibbooks.com/stronger-than-ever