Real Estate Investing Thought Leader John Carney becomes Top Amazon International Bestselling Author

“10,000 Miles to the American Dream: Our Story of Financial Freedom,” a book written by John Carney and seven other successful real estate investment professionals, is now the # 1 Amazon international bestseller. This book is about a group of enterprising gentlemen who moved to the US from Australia with the goal of achieving financial freedom via the country’s real estate industry. Through this book, these industry experts have shared their unique perspectives and proven track records of achieving over 600 million in transactions collectively.  

Some of the key takeaways from the book include 

  • Whatever the current U.S. market is doing, there’s always opportunity in U.S. real estate investing
  • Learning the latest technology trends in real estate
  • Creating a dynamic A-Team to for success
  • Discovering the different ways to start investing in U.S. real estate, including multifamily, turnkey, mobile home parks, hotels, syndication, and technology.
  • Finding a pathway to invest whether one has lots of money to invest or is just starting out.
  • Gaining the financial resources needed to accelerate wealth.
  • Reading case studies of investment deals.

Recommending the book, an impressed reader mentioned, “Inspiring book with some humor to lighten the immense amount of information offered. As someone looking to break into the investment property industry, I found the information very educational and exciting. Having multiple points of view from the authors allows for a balanced look at the multitude of options we have here in the US that I wouldn’t have thought of before. Fantastic read and love the Aussie jokes to go along with the investment insights!” 

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, John Carney moved to Melbourne with his Australian wife in 2009. In the wake of the global financial crisis, he sensed massive opportunities for investors and started his own business with local Australian partners and his USA-based real estate network. In 2010, he founded America Property Source, an end-to-end USA real estate agency that continues to flourish and evolve.

As a third-generation property investor/developer, John has achieved and continues to build upon his own wealth creation and lifestyle freedom. His property deals in the US, Australia and Indonesia has amassed generous profit and comprehensive international experience. He is also involved in teaching investors to plan for the future and build cash-flow positive real estate assets in order to multiply their wealth.

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About John Carney: John Carney is a highly-respected thought leader in the specialized and lucrative field of real estate investing. He is also a published author and sought-after international keynote speaker dedicated to helping investors plan for the future and build cash-flow positive real estate assets. John’s knowledge is interchangeable between the US and Australian real estate markets, which has enabled him to build an extensive list of clients in both hemispheres. He’s helped many clients to achieve their own levels of financial freedom.