Rebecca Gruyter on Ways to Stay Visible Without Speaking in Person

Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Those of you who’ve depended on speaking on public platforms to build your business may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you (as an international speaker, I understand). Yes, global pandemic presents challenges — and new opportunities! Since we don’t know how long the restrictions on gathering in public will last, it’s time for speakers to get creative so you can continue to bring your message forward.

Here are three ways to expand your visibility without speaking in person.

Embrace virtual platforms.

Have you noticed that the places or events where you have appeared are switching to virtual events? Make that switch, too, by preparing yourself to become THE go-to online speaker! Because you’re in a closer focus on the screen, get intentional about your appearance and voice cadence and volume. Frame your content, so it’s as engaging and concise as possible. Ensure your tech — camera, microphone, lighting, background (clear and clean) — are of high quality.

Hot tip: The whole world needs to hear your message! Now you can apply for online speaking engagements all over the world, not just within travel distance.

Step into leading your own podcast.

We know that about one-fourth of the U.S. population listens to podcasts every week, and likely will continue beyond the pandemic. Significant benefits for you: your listeners are seeking your message and tend to be highly engaged and loyal over time so that you can build great connections and a high-quality list of ideal clients—what an excellent way to transform more lives with your gifts.

Hot tip: Be Strategic when selecting potential guests and make sure to invite you listeners/viewers to join your list…so that you can stay in touch and grow your reach.

Consider writing a book.

If you have a message laying on your heart or if people keep telling you, “you should write a book,” now is the time to do it! In one study, 97% of authors interviewed said they realized a significant positive impact on their business. I’ve heard from clients — and experienced myself — that their book helped them generate more leads, close more deals, and get better speaking engagements (virtual or live).

Hot tip: Personal collaborations are more important than ever. For your forthcoming book, invite people who have expertise aligned with your subject to be interviewed and showcase them in your book. Benefits: In addition to adding value to your message and connection, they will be quoted, which can lead to great things for them, and they’ll have a personal interest and involvement in bringing your book forward to the public.

Do the same for your podcasts or other platforms — invite others to be interviewed, comment, or contribute in some way that is of interest to your ideal clients.

The pandemic has created opportunities for us to lean in and connect. We can still build powerful connections and relationships while bringing our message forward, perhaps even deeper and more widespread than ever.