Renowned Resilience Mentor, Dr. Madelyn Blair, Empowers Viewers with Unlocked: A Show Dedicated to Building Resilience and Embracing the Unexpected

July 13, 2023 – Dr. Madelyn Blair, a distinguished resilience mentor, bestselling author, and TV show host, is captivating audiences worldwide with her groundbreaking insights on resilience and personal growth. Through her dynamic television show, Unlocked with Dr. Madelyn Blair, she provides viewers with the tools and inspiration to navigate challenges, avoid anxiety and burnout, and discover new possibilities for a fulfilling life. With a lineup of experienced and knowledgeable guests, each episode is a transformative conversation that empowers individuals, organizations, and communities.

Dr. Blair’s illustrious career began as a Division Chief at the World Bank, where she honed her expertise in organizational psychology and resilience. Today, she is a sought-after keynote speaker, a faculty member at Columbia University, and a prolific writer, with five books to her name, including the international bestselling book, Unlocked: Discover how to embrace the unexpected. Dr. Blair’s contributions extend beyond her books, as she shares her insights through her blog, Resilient Leadership, featured on Psychology Today.

Unlocked with Dr. Madelyn Blair is not your typical television show. It is a transformative experience designed to open up new possibilities in viewers’ lives, careers, and communities. Each episode features a thought-provoking conversation between Dr. Blair and her guests, bringing together their collective wisdom and experience to address specific topics. Dr. Blair’s own personal journey and resilience serve as a powerful backdrop, adding authenticity and depth to the discussions.

Saleema Vellani: Innovation Starts with I. 

One notable episode featured Saleema Vellani, CEO of Ripple Impact and author of Innovation Starts with I. Vellani’s book has surpassed all expectations, drawing on interviews with over 100 leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, along with years of field workshops. Her expertise in innovation, adaptability, empathy, and self-awareness resonated with viewers, who were inspired by her methods for personal and professional growth. The episode with Saleema Vellani can be viewed at [insert link], offering viewers an opportunity to tap into her wisdom and experience.

Jennifer Clinehens: Psychology of Surveys

Jennifer Clinehens, author of Choice Hacking: How to use psychology and behavioral science to create an experience that sings, shared her insights on the psychology of surveys in another captivating episode. Clinehens emphasized how surveys can help businesses connect with their target market and understand their needs. Through correctly executed surveys, organizations can create human-oriented and human-driven experiences, maximizing efficiency and avoiding trial and error. The episode featuring Jennifer Clinehens can be accessed at [insert link], providing invaluable advice on crafting effective surveys for market research.

Michael Hillman: Building Community 

In the episode titled “Building Community,” Dr. Blair welcomed Michael Hillman, Executive Director of the Emmitsburg News Journal and the Woodsboro—Walkersville News Journal. Hillman’s experience in nuclear engineering, coupled with his role in communicating effectively as a newspaper director, provided valuable insights into the importance of clear communication. By sharing strategies for creating understandable content, Hillman highlighted the significance of knowledge transfer in various spheres of life. The episode featuring Michael Hillman can be watched at [insert link], offering viewers practical tips for enhancing communication skills.

Inva Curi: Speaking Your Mind Unapologetically 

Another compelling episode featured Ivna Curi, a master of communication, public speaking, and leadership. Known for her ability to speak her mind unapologetically, Curi shared her expertise on maintaining the seriousness of a message while being assertive and connecting with different kinds of people. Her strategies for effective communication in tense situations resonate with individuals across all levels of an organization, enhancing performance, engagement, retention, and strengthening leadership. Viewers can access the episode with Ivna Curi at [insert link], gaining essential skills for speaking up and making a positive impact.

Dr. Madelyn Blair’s television show, Unlocked with Dr. Madelyn Blair, continues to inspire and motivate viewers around the world. By exploring the secrets to resilience and embracing the unexpected, she empowers individuals, organizations, and communities to navigate challenges with confidence and find new paths forward.

To learn more about Dr. Madelyn Blair, her bestselling book Unlocked, and to watch episodes of Unlocked with Dr. Madelyn Blair, please visit her website.


About Dr. Madelyn Blair:

Dr. Madelyn Blair is a Resilience Mentor, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and TV show host. With her extensive background in organizational psychology and resilience, Dr. Blair has dedicated her career to empowering individuals and organizations to embrace resilience and unlock their full potential. Through her television show, Unlocked with Dr. Madelyn Blair, she facilitates transformative conversations with experts, providing viewers with practical insights and inspiration.