Richie Bello Institute Hosts Event in South Florida

The Richie Bello Institute of Leadership and Management is hosting a by invitation thank you night for dealers and veterans in thanks to its supporters. Hosted by its founder Richie Bello, the institute is holding the event on April 6th at The Man Cave in Fort Lauderdale. With Miami as headquarters for Shop Smart Autos, Bello made Fort Lauderdale his home base. Bello then adopted The Man Cave as his home away from home in Fort Lauderdale.  “This event is limited to a few strong influencers who will carry the flag for our veterans. These folks will spread the word through their networks in automotive and veteran affairs”. said Bello.  Each one of Bello’s guests will receive a gift. The event is being sponsored by Shop Smart Autos.

Veterans currently represent about 20% of the. automotive workforce.  The Institute currently focuses on sales, management, and ownership. Bello himself has years of training experience, which is consistently used in his digital platform. Shop Smart Autos is a digital media platform driven by big data and advanced technologies that provide dealers and enterprise organizations with. performance-based programs in lead generation and data.

The Institute took a back seat in 2020 just as things started to take momentum. About to launch Career Nights for veterans, COVID hit, and all group functions discontinued. Bello raised money to sponsor veterans at no cost to the veteran and the dealer. “We fell a little behind with our full attention on Shop Smart Autos and COVID stopped our outreach, but we are. planning our next push in April of this year.” continued Bello, The Institute will train and place qualified veterans in dealerships across the country. For more information about the Richie Bello Institute of  Leadership and Management write to