“Savvy Seller’s Secrets” achieves #1 International Bestselling Author Status on Amazon

Written for those selling homes and property in the USA, the book is designed to help seller’s maximize their home’s sales price, as well as understand the tax and legal implications of such transactions. The book includes educational advice, expert tips and tricks, negotiation advice, as well as general information on professional and legal processes.

Officially published in November 2022, the book has already seen huge success online – with both sellers and potential property investors highly rating the book. Savvy Seller’s Secrets was co-written by key experts in the industry, Tim Hmelar, Donna Castillo, Mirna Tin, Sergio Sanchez, and Sonia Medina-Ashby.

Each author has their own set of expertise within the industry, which when combined into one book – provides the best introduction and explanation of how to sell your home efficiently and effectively. 

“We are so delighted to see our book reach #1 International Bestselling Author Status on Amazon,” says Tim Hmelar, co-author of Savvy Seller’s Secrets.

“It was always our aim to provide sellers, home-buyers and property investors with the knowledge they need to navigate the tricky buying and selling processes. This book is our first ever educational book that we have released together, and following its success, who knows where else it might lead us. To be named as a best-seller in just a short period, is an achievement – and is a testament to how useful the information is to our readers,” says Tim Hmelar.

The majority of sellers are also clueless about tax and accounting issues regarding the sale of their home. The book is based on over 60 years of combined real estate experience and over 1,000 closed transactions, and sellers are able to easily digest the essential pieces of information that they need to close a sale effectively and easily.

Savvy Seller’s Secrets covers a huge range of essential topics, starting with the steps to selling your home, and the traits to look for in a competent realtor. The book then covers information such as common inspections, such as home, roof and reports on the conditions of a home, and details how to maximize a house’s sales price. The book also goes through extensive details on the tax and legal implications of transactions, which are perhaps often considered to be the most confusing aspect of selling to property owners. 

Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. who’s a Visibility Expert says that “Most prospective sellers are a little anxious about the selling process, and that it always feels like such an “unknown”. Savvy Seller’s Secrets aims to help each seller get through this confusion and anxiety, by providing them with everything they need to know to put their home on the market, gain immediate interest, and finish with a great deal.”

Savvy Seller’s Secrets really is worth a read, and the authors are so pleased to see that readers have been rating it well enough for it to be marked as a best-seller already. It only takes an hour or so to read through the entire book, and once finished, as a seller you will be feeling far more confident about the journey you’re about to embark on – all while mastering the three steps to maximizing the amount of money you can receive from a sale.

Notes to Editors

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