The Addictions Academy Now Offers a New and Comprehensive Anger Management in the Workplace Training

Dr. Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach and Founder of The Addictions Academy confirmed they have a unique Anger Management program. The course is designed to offer training helping individuals understand their emotions and give them tools and strategies to cope and control.

The Anger Management Training for Workplace meets all court requirements for 5 hours of anger management class.

Dr. Estes said, “Anger is often the most misunderstood of all the emotions and is simply repressed hurt or lack of control.”

“Depending on the person, their childhood, and how they perceive stress they can be passive-aggressive or aggressive. Neither coping skill gets your needs met and is harmful in the long run.”

It is how you deal with stress and what coping mechanisms you used to handle it that determine if you need anger management training. An Addictions Academy Certified Trainer teaches the Anger Management Class in the Workplace course which helps individuals understand that how they function as a unit will dictate their sales and productivity and how to remove toxic behaviors in the environment.

As recently reported by Psychology Today, anger can become a problem when someone loses themselves in it. “When we are angry, we may do things that don’t exactly reflect well on who we are. We may believe we make sense while in an angry mindset, but we’re entirely irrational in reality. Like a drunk person who doesn’t know when it’s time to stop, anger hinders your judgment and makes you unaware of what’s going on.”

The article continued, “Anger triggers you to say and possibly do things you regret. Things that don’t reflect the full truth of who you are. Contrary to what some people think, anger doesn’t make you speak the truth. It pushes you to talk from the most primitive part of yourself.”

You probably heard of the term, ‘hair-trigger’. This means that you never know when someone might blow up or get ‘set off’ by an event that they can not control around them. We generally avoid these people at all costs. That is unless you are required to do that for your job. If you have to deal with difficult people at your employment location, you will need to know how to do it correctly and with finesse.

“That is what we can help with. Not only understanding where anger comes from, but how to handle it at the root cause level and utilize new strategies for any situation you might find yourself in,” explained Dr. Estes.

She continued, “Burnout and frustration due to lack of control are addressed in the training along with time management. Anger triggers, coping skills, reframing the situation, and understanding how we react to anger and expectations of others is key to understanding our underlying anger.”

The Anger Management course provides worksheets and exercises to minimize aggression while maximizing assertive behavior. Dr. Cali Estes and her team also focus on communication skills and how to resolve conflict while managing anger. In addition to the workplace, they provide training on how to navigate anger issue at home and in relationships.

Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy have been offering a wide-ranging assortment of advanced training for several years in an ongoing effort to counteract the growing addiction problem. The Academy has more than 30 faculty teaching over 40 courses in five different languages. Program graduates can be found in 25 countries helping address the addiction problem worldwide.

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