The Power of the One Drop Movement Revealed in Sammy Blindell’s Latest Book, The Law of Brand Attraction 2.

“Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

Imagine living in a world where each person’s mission was to create a positive ripple effect, ultimately leading to monumental change worldwide! On a cold evening in December of 2002, whilst soaking up details of crucial skills in a business seminar, Sammy Blindell spotted two magical words on the presenter’s screen. One Drop. Unbeknownst to Sammy, these words would ultimately become the guiding force in becoming a highly influential Ripple Maker!

Sammy was fortunate to have several prominent ripple-making influences in her life, including her mum whose gift is in building thriving communities wherever she goes, and her grandmother, a powerful healer who people traveled great distances to see. Both of these changemaking women inspired Sammy to explore ways of utilizing her gifts to administer meaningful change in the world. As a child, Sammy admired her grandmother’s kind heart, and infectious giggle that spread as much joy as it did healing. It was these fond memories that urged Sammy to create a One Drop Impact Code that all of her members of the One Drop Visionary Hub follow today, consisting of being ‘Graceful, Grateful and Generous’ as they build their magnetic brands

Realizing the power behind verbalizing one’s dreams and aspirations regularly, Sammy began a powerful 18-year journey where she started each day reciting the words, “Please guide me to be the greatest ripple maker I can be for others today.” She went on to build nine successful businesses, all underpinned by this mantra.

In looking back at her life’s accomplishments, she recognized that her biggest successes occurred when she checked off all three of the Impact Code Principles above. An epiphany of such a simple process 16 years into this journey is the one that propelled her into the inspirational leader of One Drop Movement that she is today, a lady who is a remarkable example of owning her identity, her value, her gift and her impact!

Feeling an incredible pull to the ‘one drop’ phrase led Sammy to create the One Drop Movement. Not knowing the how and the who of the movement, she started by talking to her mum, a talented glass designer, about how to create one united symbol that’s inclusive and connects every member. After 11 months of experimenting, Sammy’s mum created a magnificent luminescent ‘One Drop Unity’ pendant and keyring, that Ripple Makers today proudly wear to signify the collaborative partnerships created through this movement. 

That one thought, One Drop, fueled by a Graceful, Grateful, and Generous heart led to a movement that now has a full product range, giving 50% of every sale to the small business owners that design the products and 30% of every sale to the charities that One Drop supports, enabling the movement to give back while they ‘drop it forward’ to the lives that need it most. 

Compelled to share her knowledge about building a brand that stands for positive global change, Sammy’s latest book, The Law of Brand Attraction 2, shares profound ideas, thought-provoking activities, enlightening stories, and sage words of advice from a variety of industry experts, guiding visionary business owners to tap into their unique talents so they may build their own movements to give back and create further transformation in the world! 

This second book is equally as brilliant as volume 1, featuring a fascinating compilation of well-known thought leaders, including Deborah FreeSpirit, Dee Twentyman, Lisa King, Lorna Munro, Penelope Layzell, Navin Jaitly, Aleksandra Rehar, Claudine Matthews, Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju, Mary Gregory, Grant Murrell, Jenni Winter-Leach, Jane Butterworth, Helen Jane, Sunita Koshal, Tea Staegemann, Donna Riley, Mark Stephen Pooler, Daniel Wood, Carol Vincie, Lorraine Crookes, Kay Storey, and Gaby Gonzalez. 

Contributing author Dr. John Demartini, of the worldwide phenomenon The Secret, which highlights the magic of the Law of Attraction, explains how every visionary business owner can build a magnetic brand that creates a ripple of impact on both a global and social scale. 

The Law of Brand Attraction 2 empowers readers to use their own stories and show that they are valuable, compelling, and powerful enough to draw from and can be the start of a HUGE ripple of impact in the world. They will learn to own their identity, value, gifts, impact and brand, using each to build a magnetic global movement around the gifts and talents they already have. 

If starting a Ripple of Impact movement wasn’t enough, the book is also giving 100% of royalties for the first three months, to B1G1 – Business For Good; a company whose mission is to change lives daily by supporting social and environmental impact projects. Learn to create a difference. Just One drop is all it takes to start a movement, launch your ripple and make your wave.




Sammy Blindell is a multi-award-winning international speaker, seven times best-selling author, CEO of Brand Builders Club and Founder of One Drop Movement. After thirteen years in branding before building her first five businesses, Sammy burned out putting profit before purpose. She left it all to follow her ‘Ripple of Impact’ vision, building her first online program and brand building resource in 2014. Within twelve weeks she was making £18,000 + per month, followed by other programs that enabled Sammy to build significant wealth before turning 40.

In February 2017, she launched Brand Builders Club, followed by her Global movement ‘One Drop’ in April 2019 to unite one million changemakers through collaborative global partnerships. Sammy has since created 80+ online products and 1,000+ online courses, showing others how to create their ripple of impact in just a few months.