The Teacher Squad: Successful Real Estate Agent Violet Delgado Highlighted on the Agents Lounge Podcast

The latest episode of the Agents Lounge podcast features Violet Delgado, the real estate team leader with Jason Mitchell’s Realty Group. Delgado shares her insights on achieving success in the real estate industry, drawing from her experience as a former teacher and stay-at-home mom.
Delgado’s journey into real estate began during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she decided to take a break from her teaching career to focus on her young children. She noticed a former colleague closing deals left and right in real estate and was intrigued. After a conversation with him, Delgado was sold on the idea of pursuing a career in real estate.
On the podcast, Delgado shares how her background in education has helped her in her real estate career. “Teaching is all about building relationships and communication,” she says. “Those skills have translated well into real estate, where building relationships with clients is key to success.”
Delgado also emphasizes the importance of being proactive and staying organized in the real estate industry. “You have to be on top of everything and be proactive,” she says. “You can’t wait for things to happen, you have to make them happen.”
In addition to her insights on achieving success in real estate, Delgado also shares some of the challenges she has faced in the industry. “One of the biggest challenges is managing client expectations,” she says. “You have to be honest with them and set realistic expectations from the beginning.”
Delgado’s dedication to her clients and her passion for the industry are evident in her success as a real estate team leader. She attributes much of her success to her team and their shared commitment to providing exceptional service to their clients.
“We have a great team dynamic,” she says. “We all have different strengths and skills, but we work together to provide the best possible service to our clients.”
Listeners of the Agents Lounge podcast will benefit from Delgado’s insights and advice on achieving success in the real estate industry. Her experience as a former teacher and stay-at-home mom gives her a unique perspective on building relationships and staying organized, which are essential skills for success in real estate.
The Agents Lounge podcast is a must-listen for anyone in the real estate industry, featuring interviews with top performers and experts in the field. Hosted by Nathan Gayler with Airtegrity Comfort Solutions, the podcast provides valuable insights and advice for both seasoned agents and those just starting out.
As Delgado notes, “Real estate is a challenging but rewarding career. It’s all about building relationships and providing exceptional service to your clients.”
Listeners can tune in to the Agents Lounge podcast to hear more from Delgado and other top performers in the real estate industry.

About the Agents Lounge Podcast:

The Agents Lounge is a podcast hosted by Francisco Bermudez Jr., the owner of Airtegrity Comfort Solutions. The podcast features interviews with successful real estate professionals, who share their stories, strategies, and insights into the industry. The podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in real estate, whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out.

About Violet Delgado:

Violet was a dedicated teacher with seven years of experience under her belt. Throughout her career, she taught physics, biology, and a college prep course for high school students. She loved her job and even earned a master’s degree in education from Texas A and M. However, when COVID hit, she decided to take a break from teaching to care for her young children. As a stay-at-home mom, Violet enjoyed spending time with her family but eventually found herself looking for new career opportunities. That’s when she discovered real estate. Today, Violet is a successful real estate agent who loves helping her clients find their dream homes.

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