The Wedding Dress, “A Cinderella Story” That Turned The Violeta Lucce Brand Into A Whole New Dimension Of Masterpieces

Jurate Luckaite came to America being 19 years old with $200 in her pocket from a small Eastern European country, Lithuania. She did not know what the future held for her, but she knew that this country is full of endless opportunities where anything is possible.

Working 2-3 jobs initially, putting herself through the University, earning an International Business degree, and creating a successful career in a global company, Jurate realized that she was not living her dream. She was working and living someone else’s dream, so Jurate decided to leave everything she had built for 10 years behind and move to Hawaii to figure out her calling, her true passion, and her life’s purpose.

After living in Hawaii for a few years, Jurate found the answers she was seeking. She invited her older sister Violeta and together, they decided to create something extraordinary – a new dimension in a fashion that did not exist. European master on silk and amazingly talented artist, Violeta and full of ideas in fashion, styling, and business Jurate, fused their talents and passions and created Violeta Lucce – a fusion of fine art and haute couture, where every work of art is hand-painted on luxurious silk and draped over a woman’s body transforms her into a fine art masterpiece while shifting her spirit into true magnificence.

Being inspired by the beautiful nature of Hawaiian islands, Violeta and Jurate created their first collection of hand-painted scarves and wraps, followed by a luxurious resort wear collection, later on adding kid’s couture collection, a bridal couture collection, an art couture masterpiece collection, and paintings on silk floating in between the glass created for the luxury interiors.

However, it was not an easy road for two sisters. Just like most entrepreneurs starting a new business, sisters faced a lot of challenges. Working during the day and creating at night, Jurate and Violeta were hoping to have a smooth start in finding their clientele, selling their art at the galleries and high-end boutiques; however, it was the opposite.

For many years, two extraordinary talents were suffering from little sales, too many closed doors, people trying to take advantage of them, listening to others’ opinions, and more. Sisters had to learn from their own mistakes, walked through so many empty promises, faced too many disappointments. They were often on the edge of giving up their dream and going back to their 8-5 jobs. However, Jurate always knew that she came to the country of endless opportunities and decided no matter what, to keep moving forward, not allowing the fear or doubt to take over faith.

“A Cinderella Story” The Wedding Dress:

The breakthrough in Violeta Lucce business happened when one of the sisters was getting married. Jurate was searching for the wedding dress for 6 months, hoping to find that perfect “Cinderella” dress. After a long search, she was so disappointed because she could not find the dress of her dreams. They all seemed to be boring “cookie-cutter” dresses without that bespoke feeling of uniqueness and beauty that every bride wants to experience. Not finding the dress of her dreams, she shared the frustration with her sister Violeta. Violeta decided to put her heart and talent into creating the most extraordinary masterpiece in a wedding dress for Jurates’ most important day. Violeta hand-painted 10 meters of pure white silk with the most beautiful and romantic flowers and then sculptured it around Jurates’ body. Silk and tulle came together to create the stunning gown tailored by European Ateliers and the first wedding dress reflecting Jurates’ multidimensional personality, and her soul was born.

This was the dress that everyone was talking about. It made an impression on everyone and even made its way into a few fashion magazines. Since everyone seemed admiring the extraordinary wedding gown, the sisters decided to create a bridal couture collection and make it available to brides looking for uniqueness and desiring to experience the “Cinderella Story” on their wedding day, wearing the dress that is created from their dreams.

Violeta Lucce bridal couture collection made its way on many runways and decorated multiple fine art galleries, fashion shows, and window displays. Women fell in love with the exquisite art, love, and attention put into each masterpiece. The sisters then realized how long it takes to build the reputation of a luxury brand where the museum-quality works of art transform women from the outside while bringing their inner beauty out.

Today, the Violeta Lucce sisters are grateful for their rocky road, the challenges, and the hardest lessons learned. All the doors closed in front of them, all the opinions, all the detours, and the obstacles they experienced brought them through the worst, so they can embrace everything with even more love and gratitude.

The latest Violeta Lucce collection includes exquisite hand-painted silk masks that replace thousands of single-use disposable masks polluting our oceans, allowing people to look beautiful, breathe easily, and wear a work of art that is saving our planet from plastic waste.

Jurate is proud and happy that she followed her dream and sincerely believes that she has created a new dimension transforming women into fine art masterpieces while impacting this Planet as she dreamed years ago.

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