This Crime Novel Brings New Meaning to ‘Turning a New Leaf’

“Knuckle Crack Bone,” a new crime novel by Derek Scarzella, takes us back to 2008 and reminds us how no one is truly immune to the staggering effects of a global recession, notorious crime families included.

Scarzella, the Editor in Chief of “Action a Go Go,” blends his expertise in films, animations, and comics to bring us a truly revolutionary action-crime thriller that will leave us on our feet and see us empathize with the most seemingly unrelatable group of protagonists.

Action a Go Go is an online platform that provides its readers with authentic and engaging entertainment commentary. With their resolute team of writers, they have become a reliable source of information on movies, TV, games, books, and more.

With years of experience and reader trust, Scarzella is known as a thought leader in his field, often considered the go-to expert in the genres of crime, action, and thrillers.

While Knuckle Crack Bone was only recently published, Scarzella has been working on the novel since before the global financial crisis of 2008.

“I started this book in 2007 and finished it during the last crisis. With the global pandemic underway, this novel allows readers to take a mental break away from the current crisis and dive into this world of organized crime post-recession. The characters experience something we all remember from recent history. The desperation, travail, and struggle, it’s something we can all relate to.”


Knuckle Crack Bone is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

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