Three Sisters Light Body Energy Work And Wellness Center Launches Meditation 101 Program and 6 month Masters Circle “Work Your Light”

Three Sisters Light Body Energy Work by Jessica is based on the instances where women have overcome grief, endured great adversities of life, and developed gifts like clairvoyance, telepathy, and remote viewing. With its principle derivation from real-world scenarios, this organization helps others whose minds are cluttered with negative thoughts or exhibiting stress, being a hurdle in the happy way of life.

Jessica Louis Beal, the founder of Three Sisters Light Body Energy Work – an online meditation and wellness center, launches  Light body Activation – a Meditative State and 7-week program to help creators and students unlock divine gifts and harbor well-being for themselves. She also brings a 6-month mentorship process for heart centered coaches and mentors. Her services also include meditation , sound therapy, and Monetization for healers coaches and mentors. Clients gain insight from her proficiency in crystals, art, trending plants and wellness novelties and Attraction marketing strategies. 

The meditative practice by Jessica is based on creating the aura of unconditional love, and her teachings brings about peace and assurance of heart and mind for the people. She helps the creators manifest strong thoughts and dreams, and make them true. Jessica’s methods work because she has real-life experience in battling trauma, over coming adversities and has used this process on herself and others to reconnect with the soul by recoding and rewiring the mind on a cellular level. 

Jessica studied sculpture at Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. She received her meditation certificate from Allison University, and with her proficiency in meditation. She helps people quiet their minds from within and have a healthy life. Some things that influence her meditative teachings are quantum leap, timeline leaping, esoteric wisdom, physics, and alchemy. Her methods are scientific and everything has a cause-and-effect relationship. Using her Master’s Facilitation program, light body activation and “Work Your Light” a 6 month emersive  blended with  her knowledge, Jessica increases the well-being in the lives of people. To know more about her program, visit here.