Todd Miller is Featured in the Inspirational #1 International Best-Selling Book, “Up Until Now”

ROSWELL, GA: Up Until Now: Inspired Stories from Real People on How to Embrace Your Fear, Move Forward and Transform Your Life rocketed to the top of the best seller lists in a number of categories in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and more.

Up Until Now is a compilation of true stories from everyday people who were hurting, anxiety ridden, distraught and broken hearted Up Until Now…These amazing souls faced their fears and stepped out in Faith; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. That decisiveness of action facilitated massive transformation in a positive way.

Featured author Todd Miller shares his story along with others in this moving book, designed to give the reader a quick dose of inspiration.

Real people from all around the world share their true stories of pain, heartache, grief and loss. They share their moments of overcoming and creating a renewed hope and reality after the storm settles. It’s all Up Until Now…because their stories do not end there!

Through these stories of transformation, the reader will feel the genuine and authentic hearts of each of the authors as they write about job loss, navigating a messy divorce, surviving the death of a loved one, being financially devastated and more. All facing circumstances that seem overwhelming and unsurmountable.

The resounding theme of overcoming is captured in these emotionally charged stories. This book serves as a collective voice to anyone who is struggling, stuck, scared, depressed, and looking for something bigger while praying for some glimmer of hope.

Up Until Now: Inspired Stories from Real People on How to Embrace Your Fear, Move Forward and Transform Your Life available on

About Todd Miller

Todd Miller was born and raised in the beautiful state of Kentucky, just outside of the Louisville metropolitan area, in Oldham County. Home of horses, bourbon, bluegrass and great food. He now resides in Tucson Arizona, home to the unique flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert.

Todd was raised in a Christian home with four younger siblings. Despite growing up in a beautiful country setting, Todd suffered several traumas early in life, including bullying at school, that would lead to lengthy bouts of severe depression and anxiety throughout his early life. Though always well liked, Todd suffered self-doubt and struggled with money issues for decades. He was open to his spirituality at an early age, but just didn’t know how to harness the power we all hold within.

With strong will, tenacity and facing all adversities head on, he moved into the world of healthcare and nursing, working in the fields of emergency, cardiac care, psychiatric and pediatric care. Being the eldest of five children gave him a strong sense of looking out for others and responsibility. Todd has worked with many healing modalities throughout the years seeking to heal himself and others along the way. Todd is a Certified Reiki Master and ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church in Mesto, California. So, if you need a last-minute shotgun wedding, hit him up. He is passionate about humor (yes, he can say off the wall stuff that can make you pee your pants) photography, nature, learning and teaching others how to use food to heal the body.

He is an amazing home chef that cooks with organic and whole food recipes. Todd is altruistic by nature and now older and, hopefully, wiser is learning how important it is to live in the NOW, not in the past. He integrates forgiveness, love, abundance, gratitude, prayer and meditation into his daily practice.

Though distance separates him from his family, he loves them dearly and travels to see them as often as he can. He is the proud father to his artistically talented son, Joshua, an amazing daughter in-law and two beautiful grandchildren. Looking back, Todd is amazed to have witnessed the love, forgiveness and perseverance that binds him to his family to this day.

Decades after “thinking about it” Todd is NOW the proud owner of his real estate company, “HS Property Solutions LLC,” where he continues to help others in distressed situations, assisting individuals and families transition to a fresh new start in life.