Violeta Lucce Silk Masks Are Exquisite Works of Art That Allow People to Breathe Easily And Look Beautiful

Violeta Lucce brand continues to spread its global message and create awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans by creating exquisite and natural silk masks for women, men, and children. Each mask is one of a kind, hand-painted on luxurious charmeuse silk and signed by the artist, has become a small luxury with huge benefits contributing to cleaner Planet Earth.

Being the creators of a green brand and conscious fashion, two Lithuanian sisters, Jurate and Violeta, always strive to create awareness and find solutions to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans.

During the pandemic, two talented women instantly noticed a major problem that was growing exponentially: disposable masks being thrown everywhere on the beach, in the parking lots, on the streets, left in the grocery carts, which became a huge plastic problem making its way into the oceans. The whole situation became so frustrating that the sisters had to find a solution of how to fight this “Disposable Mask Monster.”

So, they did it…Together, they decided to create a silk mask that is natural, breathable, and replaces thousands of single-use disposable masks at the same time, changing the ugly look into an elegant and sophisticated look.

Working with silk for many years, a European Master on Silk, Violeta, knew its benefits very well, making it the perfect fabric for the masks. Silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics, does not attract dust mites, and resists the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi. It contributes to one’s well-being allowing the skin to breathe, and is anti-aging. Having a hydrophobic character, silk prevents the droplets’ penetration and does not trap water, like other fabrics. Not only is silk antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, but also, for people with skin allergies, silk is an excellent material alternative that does not cause skin damage such as acne.

Having this knowledge, the sisters created a silk mask that is a small luxury with huge benefits. As soon as they posted their first mask, it was sold within a few minutes. Sisters realized that they could create a change by replacing the disposable masks and giving people the benefits of the silk.

Violeta Lucce silk masks became in high demand and were picked up by 5-star luxury hotels and high-end boutiques in Miami. People realized that they could wear something natural, breathe easily, and look beautiful, not having to hide under the plastic shield while contributing to a cleaner planet, Earth.

How It All Got Started:

20 years ago, Jurate Luckaite landed in NYC with $200 in her wallet and a big dream – to do something extraordinary and one day to create a positive impact on this planet.

A decade later, Jurate invited her sister Violeta to explore the idea of creating a new dimension that would revolutionize the fashion industry. Realizing that fashion has become one of the most polluting and damaging industries in the world, introducing plastic and synthetics that make their way into the oceans, consuming enormous amounts of water, and creating tons of textile waste, sisters had a burning desire to create a change and show the other side of fashion: timeless, meaningful and conscious.

Two European sisters decided to fuse their talents and passions together. They created Violeta Lucce – a fusion of fine art and haute couture. Every work of art is one of a kind, hand-painted on natural and luxurious silk and draped over a woman’s body-transforming her into a fine art masterpiece while shifting her spirit into true magnificence. The idea was to create timeless masterpieces of fine art that last forever and can even become interior design details or be given from generation to generation.

Starting their business in Hawaii and being inspired by the beautiful nature, the sisters created their first collection of hand-painted scarves and wraps, followed by a luxurious resort wear collection. Later, adding the children’s hand-painted collection, a bridal couture collection, an art couture collection, and paintings on silk floating in between the glass for the interiors.

The newest Violeta Lucce addition is an “Ocean Collection” of hand-painted art couture masterpieces creating awareness about plastic pollution in the oceans and carrying a message that we are one with nature. If we destroy our nature, we will destroy our future.

One of the collection pieces were donated at the gala to Prince Albert’s II de Monaco Foundation, raising money to clean our oceans, removing the plastic, and restoring the balance to endangered ecosystems.

In addition to this, the sisters created an educational hand-drawn children’s book about plastic pollution in the oceans and gifted the very first signed copy to Prince Albert II. The book also made its way into an environmentally conscious hotel spreading the global message and bringing the whole of humanity for one big mission – to live in a clean and green Planet Earth.

Violeta Lucce is known as a green luxury brand that creates one-of-a-kind, museum-quality fine art couture masterpieces seen on many red-carpet events, movie premieres, runways, art gallery displays, and exhibitions. Every work of art is unique, signed, and tells a story while capturing the most harmonic emotions of life through vivid colors, sophistication, and sensuality of flowing styles.

The world has never shut down for two talented sisters that kept adapting through the years of unexpected changes. Today, sisters create fine art that is shifting the consciousness of humanity while making a positive impact on Earth, just like Jurate was dreaming 20 years ago.

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Violeta Lucce would like to thank their very dear friend, Keith Hatchett & The Elease Project Nonprofit for helping to create a positive impact on our planet, and their continuous support.