World-Class Change-Makers Share Tips for Creating Their Vision Using Their Mind With Jack Canfield

Standing on the threshold of 2024, the need to harness the power of the mind has never been more crucial in shaping a positive future. Facing global shifts and uncertainties, insights shared by this impressive list of world-class change-makers in utilizing the mind to create their desired visions are invaluable. Their collective wisdom offers a guiding light for those striving for positive transformation, laying the foundation for a resilient and forward-thinking 2024.

Jack Canfield, known as America’s #1 Success Coach, teaches that ‘impossible’ is only an opinion. For those eager to shift their mindset it is possible and requires daily effort. Attitude over aptitude, relinquishing limiting beliefs, creating a habit allowing the mind to imagine positive future outcomes, meditation and repetition are key principles to success.

Marcia Martin, Renowned Business Coach and Transformational Trainer, underscores the significance of a powerful mindset to achieve great results. By directing focus towards what works and what is possible, thoughts become intentional.

Valerie V. Kim Prasetyo, Quantum Psychologist and Founder of Kolibri Training and Mentoring, emphasizes that everything in life unfolds to facilitate individual growth, evolution, and the pursuit of purpose. Viewing life’s challenges as lessons and opportunities for expansion is key.

Global Manifestation Coach, Paulina Xenia, stresses the power, and critical nature, of aligning the subconscious with underlying beliefs for regular positive affirmations to be impactful.

For over 25 years, Dr. Karen Perkins has taught the keys to personal, professional, and spiritual cognitive growth. She believes the best way to balance positive and negative thoughts is to identify the reason and purpose for every emotion.

Jacqui Connor, Executive Brain Coach, encourages those aspiring to transform their mindset to be clear and specific about the changes they seek. By making notes, it creates opportunities for reflection, refinement, and discernment.

According to Dr. Saida Désilets, CEO of Dionysia Inc and Psychologist, ‘definition creates reality.’ When something is defined it is also experienced. Individuals must speak what they want aloud to tell their subconscious what to focus on.

Madelyn Blair, PhD, an Executive Coach and Psychology Today blogger, firmly advocates for creating a vivid image of goals and desires to minimize distractions and stay focused.

Spiritual Mentor and International Best-Selling Author, Katie Carey, recognizes mindfulness as a transformative gift that enables individuals to cultivate presence and gratitude, empowering them to gracefully navigate challenging situations.

Author and Catalyst for Change, Christine Marsh, specializes in seeking a positive way forward. She attributes the fulfillment of her visions to self-belief, maintaining a positive mental outlook, and regularly reviewing her achievements.

Linda Tilson, Creator of The Empowered Men’s Room Show, comprehends the impact of decisions based on facts versus assumptions. She advises others to shift their mindset from fixating on negative thoughts to actively challenging them.

Steve Davis, Real Estate Investor and Mentor at Total Wealth Academy emphasizes the power of immersive reading, deep listening, and repetition as indispensable tools for cultivating a millionaire mindset.

Dr. Annette Greenwood, an Award-Winning Life Coach, passionately encourages individuals to hold onto their “big why” when faced with adversity. It is the paramount factor that can transform a vision into a tangible reality.

Brenda Dempsey, Founder and CEO of Book Brilliance Publishing, also firmly advocates acknowledging the “why” as a catalyst for fostering a growth mindset. She wholeheartedly believes in embracing inevitable failures as opportunities for learning and growth.


Owner of Joy Centered Life and Transformation Coach Gwen Lepard recommends a transformative approach: individuals should kickstart their journey with awareness, followed by acceptance. Gwen emphasizes this sequence allows for flexibility and opens the mind to adopt new beliefs and attitudes aligned with their desired vision.

Desiree Anderson, Founder of Crest Coaching & HR, acknowledges that mindset is shaped by past experiences, upbringing, and perceptions. She suggests initiating transformation by identifying one small aspect that can be changed and reframing it into a more positive perspective through simple, empowering affirmations or impactful action steps.

Executive Leadership Recruiter and Coach, Dr. Susan Guiney, recognizes that love and fear frequently emerge as significant obstacles. To overcome these challenges, Susan recommends establishing a morning routine of meditation, repeating positive affirmations, and writing a gratitude list to balance positive and negative thoughts.

Talia Adika, an Experienced Employee Benefits Director, understands that challenges are unavoidable. When guiding individuals through such difficulties, Talia advises practicing mindfulness, positive affirmations, visualization, setting realistic goals and immersing oneself in like-minded groups led by positivity to maintain motivation.

The New Year is here, outstanding business owners, visionary entrepreneurs, and remarkable thought leaders such as those mentioned here are leading the way. Now is the time to create a positive mindset to help shape a bright and positive future. 



Mark Stephen Pooler is the Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global. Mark oversees the company’s media business and its intersection with global business leaders. Before forming MSP News Global in 2020, Mark spent his time as a Professional Speaker, International Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and PR & Media Specialist. Mark is also the Founder of TMSP Agency, a Premium Media and PR Agency. He helps high-profile entrepreneurs share their stories globally through PR and digital media. When not working with his valued clients, Mark enjoys spending time with Lilly, his four-legged bestie.