Writer Guidelines

Content of your article

It must be original (not previously published in another publication, blog or on a website). Also, do not submit content for our consideration if you previously sent it to another publication, and you are still waiting on that publication’s decision as to whether it will publish your article.

Your insights and information must be based on your personal experiences and knowledge. For Example, it’s fine to include references to a book or person that inspired or influenced you, but most of your article must discuss your personal experiences, feelings, actions that resulted from what you read or how you led, influenced, inspired someone.

Please review the About page explaining the mission and purpose of On Point Global News. The topic of your article needs to align with the kind of content described on that page.

We reserve the right to refuse content that is not appropriate to the objectives of our site or content that is negative in tone, shows prejudice, presents your (or others’) political opinions, or includes defamatory or abusive statements.

Hyperlinks in articles. You may include one link to back up a statement you make in your article. But we will delete promotional links.

Copyright and exclusive use

You retain the copyright for your article but grant On Point Global News the exclusive right to publish it for one month. Exclusivity means you cannot submit it to other publications for that month, nor can you publish the content on your website or blog for one month. After that month, you can submit or post anywhere you like. We would appreciate that any subsequent publication or posts include a statement that it was originally published in On Point Global News (and include a link to our site).


After the month of exclusivity on OPGN, we may share your article on other websites. This exposure will help you reach a broader audience, achieve greater brand awareness, and help drive more traffic to your site.

Length: 450-500 words.

Image: For the best results, please make sure the dimensions are (660 x 365 pixels) and named in the following format. geoarea-brand-contributorname.jpg Example: Houston-divorce-attorney-john-smith.jpg. Use professional images that represent the image you want to portray.


In making any revisions to your article, our editors will take care not to change the wording that alters your intent or your voice. We will edit for grammar but also will check facts and check for plagiarism.

We reserve the right to alter your title, if necessary, for search engine optimization and keyword optimization.

Your bio

Along with your article, please send us a 50-word bio. You may include one hyperlink to your business website, your Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Facebook page, or to a book you authored. Do not include a link to other social media channels.

Date of publication

We will publish your article no later than one month after you submit it. In most cases, we will probably publish it sooner than one month. However, if you need it published by a specific date to align with a marketing campaign or other event related to the content in your article, let us know that when you submit your article to us.