Zip Code Famous: Bringing Local Businesses to the Big Screen

The world of marketing and reaching the right audience is constantly evolving, and small businesses are often left behind when it comes to accessing the latest advertising technologies. However, the recent episode of the Small Biz Virtual Summit podcast has shed light on a game-changing opportunity for local businesses to level the playing field.

The podcast featured an insightful conversation with Frank Felker, a marketing expert who specializes in a unique advertising approach called “Zip Code Famous.” Felker shared his wealth of knowledge about the power of Connected TV (CTV) advertising, which allows businesses to hyper-target their ideal customers through streaming platforms.

“Zip Code Famous is all about geographically focused, targeted, and retargeted television ads with lead magnets and special offers,” Felker explained. “This method can help local businesses establish their brand in the minds of their most ideal client profile and drive new sales through a powerful parasocial relationship with their audience.”

Felker emphasized the importance of targeting “golden nugget neighborhoods” – specific zip codes where businesses’ ideal customers reside. By leveraging the advanced targeting capabilities of CTV, businesses can ensure their ads are seen by the right people, rather than wasting resources on broad, untargeted campaigns.

“The beauty of Zip Code Famous is that it allows small businesses to achieve the same level of credibility and visibility as their larger, deep-pocketed competitors,” said Ken Massa, host of the Small Biz Virtual Summit podcast. “Frank’s insights really open up a whole new world of marketing possibilities for local companies looking to grow their customer base.”

One of the most intriguing aspects of Felker’s presentation was the cost-effectiveness of CTV advertising compared to traditional TV. He explained that businesses can achieve the same cost-per-thousand-impressions as traditional TV, but with a much more targeted and efficient approach.

“The difference is remarkable,” Felker said. “You can spend a fraction of what it would cost to run an ad on traditional TV, but your ads will be seen by the exact people you want to reach.”
Felker also touched on the importance of testing and refining ad campaigns, as well as the potential of leveraging AI technology for video production. He emphasized that while the production quality of CTV ads doesn’t need to be as high as traditional TV, it’s still crucial to create engaging, professional-looking content.

“This is a unique moment in time where small businesses have the opportunity to truly level the playing field and become ‘Zip Code Famous’ in their local markets,” Felker concluded. “I encourage any local business owner looking to grow to explore the power of CTV advertising and see the incredible results it can deliver.”

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Frank Felker has over 50 years of experience working with small businesses of all kinds. He is the bestselling author of four books on marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship, and has over 25,000 business owners from 168 countries around the world enrolled in his Frank Felker School of Business online courses.

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