About OPGN

Influence and inspiration matter. These values matter when it comes to pursuing your business or personal goals. They matter when you want to expand your horizons for making an impact. They matter when you need to respond to new challenges or new opportunities. Influencers inspire people to make confident choices and change in meaningful, often life-changing ways. 

Our objective at On Point Global News is to help you understand how you can be a difference-maker. Our articles focus on influencers’ behaviors and actions and how they inspire and impact other people in positive ways. You will gain critical insights on how to achieve the outcomes you care about. 

Whether you want to increase your effectiveness as an influencer, learn how to change your mindset so you can achieve your business purpose and vision, gain inspiration to propel you forward in fulfilling your life’s purpose or start a new company or new endeavor, our articles show you how to unleash your potential. 

What is an influencer? 

Influencers inspire other people. They have the drive to help others change the world in positive ways. Their passion and energy are extreme and infectious, but they don’t use their power to manipulate others. They are authentic in their love to make lasting, positive impacts. 

Our Mission

Building meaningful relationships that focus on collaboration, mindfulness, self-leadership and having a servant heart. 

OPGN connects readers with industry leaders, trusted advisors, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, professionals and inspiring CEOs. Our goal is to shine the light on positivity and inspire change in perspectives for the greater good of humanity. Our sincere desire for this platform is to provide a voice for those who want to empower, enrich, and elevate their personal lives and businesses to the next level.

OPGN delivers global industry leaders and experts’ distinctive viewpoints and voices to our readers.

Our Vision

Provide an exclusive platform that shares stories and news about inspiration and influence.

Our goal is to inspire, influence and impact people globally through lessons learned from the past, fresh perspectives and storytelling and to trigger positive conversations.

Our Values

  • Mindfulness, influence, and impact forms the core of our company and underscores everything we do.
  • We celebrate humanity, nature, our planet and the universe.
  • We are here for our readers, contributors, leaders and team. 

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