Coming March 21st: Two-Time Bestselling Financial Author Brings New Real Estate Investing Choices For Retirees & The Rapidly Aging Population (The “Silver Tsunami”)

The Challenge: By 2050 over 20% of us will be over 65 (source,

Bestselling financial author Vinney Chopra takes on the challenge of longer lifespans and dwindling retirement bank accounts, in his latest book,“Senior Living Investing Made Easy: Earn Excellent Returns While Providing a Better Life for Seniors.” In it, he focuses on investment options for the growing number of aging adults, which many have called the coming “Silver Tsunami.”

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Real Estate Expert Iris Ramos Shares Insights and Success Stories on the Agents Lounge Podcast

The Agents Lounge Podcast is back with an exciting new episode featuring real estate expert Iris Ramos. As the owner of Keller Williams Heritage in San Antonio and with 10 years of experience as a realtor, Ramos brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the table. Listeners can expect to hear her inspiring story, background, and journey in the industry.

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Master Plumber Cesar Rodriguez Shares Industry Insights on Agents Lounge Podcast

Agents Lounge, the podcast known for bringing real estate insights to the forefront, recently welcomed an industry expert to their show. Cesar Rodriguez, the dedicated owner of COR Plumbing, joined hosts Francisco and Marco for an enlightening conversation about the plumbing trade’s role in real estate and the importance of maintenance and experience.

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