Author Bert Molner Hits Multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Picture Day Tips for Real Estate”

Bert Molner‘s recent release, “Picture Day Tips for Real Estate,” hit’s best-seller list on April 6, 2023, climbing all the way to Number One in the Real Estate Sales & Selling, Professional Photography, Photography & Lighting, Decorating & Furnishing, Home Interior Design, Moving & Relocation. The book also reached Number two and was a Hot New Release in several categories on Amazon.

As more people find the home they want to buy online, the new curb appeal is online shopping to view pictures. Buyers no longer drive around looking; they are making decisions in their living rooms with no sales representative to convince them to buy.

Homes with professional photographs get more views and sell weeks faster on average. Properties that look more stunning than the competition can help sellers win the sale for top dollar. In “Picture Day Tips,” readers will learn insider trade secrets from a Master Real Estate and Professional Architectural Photographer to avoid the costly mistakes that turn buyers off.

Grab a copy of “Picture Day Tips” today to learn the brain science behind why and how people truly do “Buy with their eyes.” More importantly, discover the best tips, tricks, and strategies to make a property look more valuable than the competition.

In response to the book hitting Number One, Molner stated, “Real estate has changed.  Homeowners are hungry for guidance on ways to help them sell their house in this new economy.”

With the recent popularity of internet home searches, Picture Day Tips is a must-read for home sellers to ensure their properties are more stunning than the competition and win the sale for top dollar.  This book is filled with great advice and strategies to help anyone in the Real Estate industry to help gain a competitive edge with their AirBnB, landscape business, roofing business, title company, or mortgage company.

People really do buy with their eyes – so learn how to give them better eye candy than the competition. Get your copy today so you don’t leave money on the table with your next real estate project.  This also makes a great gift to help your clients prepare for listing their homes for sale or rent.


Bert Molner’s father was a photographer, and Bert developed his unique skills in the darkroom and later as a news photographer in school. His artistic techniques and style were further honed over three decades to be recruited as the official photographer for several A-List Celebrities, Officials & Dignitaries, and fashion & beauty pageants. His work has been featured in multiple publications.

Bert worked his way through college by interning for home construction and commercial development companies in the summers. He served as President of the local National Homebuilders Assoc. Molner was recruited by the 12 top builders and architect firms and worked for the World’s Largest Homebuilder, a Fortune 500 company, where he quickly earned the role of coordinating the world’s largest housing shipment. In this role, he ranked in the Top 5% Nationwide for Client Service Excellence.

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