Dr. Ben Smith: From Chiropractic to Laser Therapy – A Journey of Healing

Optimal Health Radio, a leading podcast focused on health and wellness, is excited to announce its latest episode featuring Dr. Ben Smith, a chiropractor and laser therapy specialist. In this episode, Dr. Smith discusses the many benefits of laser therapy and how it can help patients find relief from various conditions.

In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Smith shares his journey into the field of laser therapy and highlights the extensive research that supports its effectiveness. He explains how laser therapy can be used to treat conditions such as arthritis, neuropathy, rotator cuff issues, spinal problems, and even plantar fasciitis. Dr. Smith also emphasizes the importance of co-managing patients with other medical professionals, ensuring they receive comprehensive care.


“Class four laser therapy is a game-changer in the field of medicine,” says Dr. Smith. “By using laser energy to stimulate cellular metabolism and promote tissue healing, we can help patients avoid surgery and find relief from pain.”

Laser therapy works by delivering light energy, in the form of photons, to the cellular level of the body. This energy stimulates energy production and enhances cellular metabolism, leading to faster tissue healing. Laser therapy also promotes vasodilation, increasing blood flow to the affected area and providing additional healing nutrients and oxygen.

Dr. Smith recommends an initial baseline of six visits for laser therapy, with each visit lasting between five to 22 minutes, depending on the condition being treated. Most patients experience immediate relief, with the effects of the therapy lasting up to 24 hours. Treatment frequency varies depending on the severity of the condition, but typically patients can expect two to three weeks of treatment for their first six visits.

The podcast episode also includes fascinating anecdotes of Dr. Smith’s patients who have experienced remarkable results with laser therapy. He shares the story of a soccer player with a torn MCL who was able to return to the field after completing six laser therapy sessions.

For those interested in learning more about laser therapy and its potential benefits, Dr. Smith is offering a free consultation and the first laser session at no charge for listeners of Optimal Health Radio. To take advantage of this offer, mention the show when scheduling an appointment.

To listen to the full episode featuring Dr. Ben Smith, visit the Optimal Health Radio website at www.optimalhealthradio.com. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Smith at Hoover Spine and Relief Now Laser Birmingham by calling 205-536-7758 or emailing drsmith@hooverspine.com.

About Dr. Benjamin W. Smith III, D.C.

Dr. Smith is from Birmingham where he attended UAB for his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. He obtained his chiropractic degree from Texas College of Chiropractic(TCC). Having finished his clinic requirements and completing an externship early, he was accepted and allowed to participate in medical rotations in Rheumatology under Dr. Lidsky.

As an undergraduate, Dr. Smith chose Exercise Science as a pre-professional degree with a desire to go into physical therapy. During this time, he played Rugby for the Birmingham Vulcans. Upon his second season, he began to experience significant back pain for the second time in his athletic career. The pain persisted through two seasons and ultimately sidelined him. With a desire to continue to play and have been through multiple epidural blocks and physical therapy, he finally sought chiropractic care. It was through chiropractic care that he not only found relief from his pain but was able to return to rugby. As a result of this experience, he decided to change his professional path to chiropractic and ultimately deliver that experience to others.

Having been in practice for 20 years Dr. Smith focuses on restoring function to the spine and joints of patients and giving them freedom to perform their daily activities. He accomplishes this through a wide array of treatment protocols including manipulation, rehabilitation, class IV laser, and spinal disc decompression. During his initial exam of each patient, he not only diagnoses them but also determines their deficiencies in their musculoskeletal function. He then discusses with them what their goals with care are. This allows him to develop a unique plan specific to that patient’s needs.

Dr. Smith is a member of the American Chiropractic Association where he has served as the Local Liaison. He is a member of Alabama State Chiropractic Association where he has served as the CACC representative and past Government Affairs Chair.

Dr. Smith is Married to Je Anne Smith. Together they have three children BW, Grayson, and Vivi. He spends his spare time actively with them. He enjoys coaching his children in football, basketball, and volleyball.

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