Karate Kids in La Verne Reach Out to Help Local Businesses

La Verne, CA – The Leadership Team at Chozen Martial Arts Academy, a special group within their Kids Karate program, recently embarked on a heartwarming project to support local businesses in their community. These young karate enthusiasts, who are trained not only in advanced martial arts techniques but also in the skills to become the next generation of leaders, crafted beautifully decorated Easter egg greeting cards and sought out local businesses willing to display them.

Inside each card, the kids included instructions for recipients to redeem a special gift from Chozen Martial Arts Academy. In exchange, the academy pledged to promote the participating businesses on social media and through email campaigns. This mutually beneficial initiative allowed the children to enhance their confidence, focus, and communication skills while simultaneously assisting local establishments during these challenging times.

The Easter egg cards found their way to Butter Bakery & Cafe, Fuel Good Glendora, Red Devil Pizza, Daily Donuts, Lucky Feet Shoes, Roberta’s Village Inn, and America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses. Each of these businesses enthusiastically hosted the cards, recognizing the value of supporting young talent and fostering a strong sense of community.

Fuel Good Glendora, one of the businesses hosting the Easter egg cards, expressed their delight in being part of this endeavor. Owner Meghan Brown Anderson said in a Facebook post, “This was such a pleasure!!” The project not only brought joy to the kids but also fostered a sense of pride among the local businesses involved.

Zion Hernandez, Leadership Team Instructor at Chozen Martial Arts Academy, explains their vision for the program, stating, “Leadership Team is our way of shaping the next generation of community leaders. So we give our kids opportunities to challenge themselves both inside and outside our school.”

The Easter egg hunt project perfectly aligned with the academy’s philosophy of empowering its students to make a positive impact on the community. By promoting local businesses through social media and email, Chozen Martial Arts Academy reciprocated the support received from the participating establishments.

To learn more about Chozen Martial Arts Academy’s Leadership Team and their Egg Hunt Project, visit https://www.chozenmaa.com/egghunt2024/.